Patrick Klein Meuleman Photography

Photographer & Digital Artist

Photography took a different turn for me. It began a year after graduating from a Audio-Visual production school. Back then I was very passionate about films, which I still am. I always thought that the moving image had more story-telling to offer than a photograph. So I never bothered much about photography back then, which I should have, because it all begins with photography.

Day by day I want to learn from other photographers, the bigger ones and smaller ones. I think myself of a very open minded person and who's always up to the challenge. I do not see a competition between me and other photographers, because everyone has his own taste and style. So it is less important being better than the others, but more to strive getting better than yourself a year ago.

For me Photoshop isn't just a tool for manipulation, but a place where true imagination can come true. By that I mean to create things or situation that couldn't have been done. Ofcourse Photoshop isn't magic, so it's very important to study the light in the scene and to capture the right materials for the composition.